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The Center's History

    Yang Lu Ch'an               Yang Chien Hou        Yang Chen Fu      Prof. Cheng Man-Ching     Dr. Wang Shih Chang
  Founder of Yang Style          Son of Yang Lu Chang    Son of Yang Chien Hou   Established Yang Short Form     Founder of The Center

In 1975 Dr. Wang Shih Chang, disciple of Prof. Cheng Man-Ching, began teaching T'ai Chi in Fresno, founding the Shih Chang T'ai Chi Chuan Center, a non profit organization.

Prof. Cheng Man-Ching was a disciple of Yang Chen-fu grandson of Yang Lu-Chang founder of the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan
In 1977 Dr. Wang gave his assistant, Charles Ettner, charge of the center where he continued to teach for the next 12 years.  In July of 1989, Charles gave charge of the school to his senior students. Now known as the Tai Chi Center of Fresno.

School's T'ai Chi Ch'uan Linage

Yang Lu-ch'an (1800-1873)
(founder of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan)

Yang Chien-hou (1843-1917)

Yang Chen-fu (1883-1935)
(Standardized the modern 108 posture Yang form)

Cheng Man-ching (1901-1975)
(Established the 37 posture Yang form)


Abraham Liu     Dr. Wang Shih Chang      Benjamin Lo
(Established T'ai Chi Ch'uan school 1975)

Charles Ettner
(Given post as teacher of school 1977)


Chris Marie Brown         Richard Parker           Bill Dryden
(Established Tai Chi Center of Fresno 1989)