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Class Instruction

At the center beginning students learn the "Yang Style" in its 37 postures or "Short Form." Emphasis is placed both on the postures and on the principles which govern them, the true essence of T'ai Chi Chuan.

Continuing students can refine and enhance their performance in the "corrections class" and later progress to the practice of "Tui Shou" (pushing hands) or other advanced practice such as the graceful T'ai Chi Sword form.

Students are encouraged to ask questions and to read books on T'ai Chi Chuan (see suggested reading). Students should feel free to have an active part in their education about T'ai Chi Chuan.

Students can be assured of individual attention on questions in class just by asking. We encourage students with limitations or concerns about their ability to do things to inform the teachers so we may work out a modification in the movements for them. Above all, T'ai Chi Chuan is something you do for your personal benefit.

Enrolling in classes is easy, come to a beginning class talk with teacher about class times and fees. Take a free introduction and if you wish to continue just let the teacher know you will be joining.